What our founders say

Gain valuable insights into the unique and dynamic working relationship between Adapt and our portfolio companies by reading what it's like to work with us from our esteemed founders
"Mo and Ammar are exactly the kind of partner you want to have at an early stage - in it for the right reasons, ready to roll up their sleeves, proactive, friendly, and direct. They're one of very few early stage investors who truly think globally."
Gerry Giacomán Colyer
Co-Founder & CEO, Clara
“Adapt Ventures has been an incredible partner to us having extensive international real estate experience and domain knowledge. As we plan ahead to become the first international home builder, Adapt's insights will be invaluable to streamline our expansion into new markets globally. We are excited to have Adapt on our team for the amazing journey ahead.”
Alec Hartman
Co-Founder & CEO, Welcome Homes
“I've had the pleasure of having many billion-dollar-plus funds on my cap table, and I can say that Adapt is up there with the best of them. Only a matter of time before they're on every founder's investor wish list if they aren't already.”
John Andrew Entwistle
Founder & CEO, Wander
“Adapt is a superb early-stage fund. Their approach is genuine and as founder-friendly as one can be. They have conviction to write the early check backing an audacious vision. Mo and Ammar have assisted us with ongoing support, extremely responsive anytime we needed to get in touch, and were instrumental in connecting us to their network where follow-on checks & term sheets were in abundance.”
Neil Bhasin
Founder & CEO, Bizwise
Ammar and the Adapt team have been an extension of our founding team. The team hosted us in Latin America and set up multiple days of conversations with the category leaders in our target customer base, many of whom converted to Sanas' most important early customers. We're grateful to have them as early partners.
Co-Founder & CEO, Sanas
“Mo has a strong network and hustles hard for his companies! He invested early and has made many helpful introductions along the way. I'm glad to have him in our corner.”
Ben Springwater
Founder & CEO, Matter
"Ammar is one of the most thoughtful VCs on our cap table. Without fail, Ammar will always reply to each investor update with relevant industry introductions (he has a fantastic network) and valuable perspectives that highlight how much thought he puts into his portfolio companies. We're grateful to have Adapt on our side and would highly recommend them to any entrepreneur!"
Dom Wong
Co-Founder & CEO, Pogo
“Adapt has been an incredibly supportive investor and a force on our cap table, helping us with customer introductions and giving us great product feedback. We love working with Mo and Ammar.”
John Melas-Kyriazi
Co-Founder & CEO, Standard Metrics
“Adapt Ventures is one of the highest-value investors on our cap table. From our first conversation, the team has demonstrated super impressive hustle and consumer perspective. They consistently elevate our thinking and flex their network on our behalf. We couldn't be happier with them as long-term partners on Miga.”
Jarrad Agguire
Co-Founder & CEO, Miga Health
“Working with Mo and Ammar has been a pleasure! In short, they get things done at lightning speed and are always willing to help. They’re focused and humble—an admirable combination. We’re lucky to work with them.”
Matthew Achariam
Co-Founder, Clay
“Working with Mo and Ammar has been a pleasure! In short, they get things done at lightning speed and are always willing to help. They’re focused and humble—an admirable combination. We’re lucky to work with them.”
Jack Burlinson
Founder & CEO, Stageglass
“Adapt has been instrumental in our success at Pluto and even at my previous venture. Their top-notch GTM advice and continuous investor/customer connections have significantly contributed to our growth. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering support through both the highs and lows, making them a true extension of our team. I am beyond grateful and recommend Adapt for anyone seeking a genuine, committed ally on their startup journey.”
Mohammed Aziz
Co-Founder & CEO, Pluto
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